Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Bird Control to protect Solar PanelsWith the Australian Public embracing solar power it has been great for the environment.  Unfortunately due to how panels are mounted and the gap between the roof and the panels it provides the ideal shelter spots for birds to build their nest and raise a family.  Once this starts to happen it can cause some real issues for you and the operation of your solar panels.  Some of these issues are :

  • Bird droppings on panels shutting down panel operations
  • Bird droppings eating into the metals stripping
  • Bird droppings and nest blocking gutters
  • Increase risk of diseases to yourself from the droppings
  • Increase activity of rats who will quite often feed on your birds
  • Scratching at night keeping you awake
  • Bird lice invading your home and bitting you
  • Reduce the value of your investment
  • An eyesore

At Jim’s Pest Control we are the leaders in solar power panel proofing.  We use specifically made products that clips onto your solar panel that stops the access of birds under your panels.  It is really important that you do not screw anything into you solar panels as this can void your solar panel warranties or even worse may cause some electrical issues.

With any of these proofing jobs it may also be necessary to reduce the pressure on the proofing measures, so a bird culling, scaring or eye irritant program may also need to be put in place.  Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician will be able to discuss and quote on these options with you.