Snake Capture & Removal Service

Snake Catcher Needed UrgentlySnakes and Lizards are a part of the Australian Nature and have their place in our environment.  Most times snakes and lizards will be happy in our parks and bushland but at certain times of the year they can tend to explore their surroundings in search for a new food source or a better spot to shelter.

If you come across a snake in your home please don’t panic, calmly walk away from the area they are in.  Try not to startle them by screaming or picking something up to hit them with.  Just remember they will probably be more scared of you than you are of them.  They will only tend to attack or strike if they feel threatened.

Once you are safely out of the area then simply call Jim’s Pest Control and if we have a franchisee available they will be able to contact you to see how we can best help you and the snake.

Please remember that snakes and lizards are a protected species in Australian and unless you hold the appropriate licensing and equipment you should not handle or interfere with a snake or lizard.

Our friendly Jim’s Pest Control technicians will be able to discuss with you the best way to make your home less attractive to these reptiles.  This may include things like :

  • reducing food source (rat and mice control)
  • Trimming up any low lying bushes
  • Removing rubbish from around sites to reduce Homes for snakes and lizards
  • Remove any tin lying on ground as snakes like to sit under these soaking up the warmth
  • Reducing feral bird populations, hence reducing food source for snakes & lizards

Please remember if you come across a snake in your home, please leave it alone and call out a professional to handle it.