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pre purchase pest inspection reportAt Jim’s Pest Control, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to rid your home and business of pests. Jim’s Pest Control team offer industry leading termite and pest management services, having eradicated pests from thousands of Australian homes, businesses, restaurants, hospitals and schools.  For a free quote, call 131 546 (7 days 8am-8pm) or Book Online now.

A Pest Free environment is critical for maximum hygiene and health.  Don’t let ants, cockroaches, white ants, mice, rates, wasps, bees, bed bugs and many more creepy pests destroy your home or business.  Jim’s Pest Control can provide a thorough inspection of your property, and document a pest control and management plan for you to be rid of pests permanently.

Don’t risk your Pest Control and Treatment program to just anyone.  For the safety of your loved ones, family, customers, staff, pets and neighbours make sure your pest control provider is Fully Qualified, Insured and Licensed, with expertise in Pest Control, before you agree to any works.  It’s essential that you look for a Trusted Brand, like Jim’s Pest Control.  We only use approved Pest Control and Termite Treatment solutions, that are fully compliant with Australian Standards.

We can provide:

Pest Inspections

  • Using technology, honed skills and attention to detail if there is a pest to be found we’ll find it!  Our reports are comprehensive, clearly explained and provide you with the knowledge to decide on your next step.

Termite Inspections and Treatment

  • They rightfully put the fear into most people for the damage they can cause.  We are your local experts at Detecting, Treating and providing Preventative Solutions so that your can be confident they have been dealt with.

Cockroach Eradication

  • If you can see one cockroach, its highly likely there are hundreds more nearby.  This can be disastrous for food service areas of your home or business. But we can keep cockroaches at bay; just ask us how. We will use a combination of cockroach bait traps, sprays and preventative techniques to minimized areas where they can harbour.

Bed Bug Elimination

  • For accommodation businesses, Bed Bug infestation can be costly to your long term reputation, as well as extremely unpleasant for your guests. Our Pest Control technicians can eradicate bed bugs quickly and with ongoing preventative treatments, make sure they don’t come back. And then everyone can sleep easy.

Possum Catching and Relocation

  • Cutest things when Possums are in a tree, but not in your roof.  We can help capture and relocate possums, and possum-proof your house to help minimize the chance of re-entry. In re-homing possums, under law they must be still within 50m of the existing property, if practical, as they are very territorial animals. We have a range of solutions to keep them happy in a new “possum” house, and permanently evicted from yours.

Other Pest Control Solutions

  • Pests in an around your home are annoying at best, dangerous at worst.  Jim’s Pest Control deals with thousands of Pest Control problems successfully every month; from snakes, spiders and ants, to termites, white ants, bees, birds, mosquitoes, flies and wasps, and everything in between.  If you have a pest issue, we are confident we can help.


We know how to control pests them so that you can enjoy your home. Call 131 546 now for a FREE QUOTE and an appointment time; or Book Online 24/7.


Pest Control Service Areas:
VIC:  Pest Control Melbourne – Pest Control GeelongPest Control Mornington Peninsula
NSW:  Pest Control SydneyPest Control Newcastle – Pest Control Wollongong
QLD:  Pest Control BrisbanePest Control Gold CoastPest Control NoosaPest Control Townsville
SA:  Pest Control AdelaidePest Control Mt BarkerPest Control Adelaide Hills
WA:  Pest Control Perth
ACT: Pest Control Canberra 

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