Bees – Live Capture & Relocation

Relocating Bee Hives preserves their coloniesJim’s Pest Control technicians across Australian are getting more and more concerned with the declining bee numbers across the word and believe that we should not be adding to these declining numbers.

This is why in most states of Australia you will find professionally trained specialist franchise that will actually choose to capture bee swarms and hives, and relocate them rather than taking the easy option of killing them.  These franchisees choose to work with the relevant bee societies and bees keepers in each state.

At Jim’s Pest Control we have developed specialised techniques for capture and relocation of bees.  The franchisees offering this service work closely with bee keepers, both professional and residential.  We have a list of bee keepers that have hives awaiting for bees.

Jim’s Pest Control believe this is a win for the bee’s, our clients and the bee keepers.  The cost of this service is normally a little higher than a straight up bee kill as we have to transport the bees and keep them cool and comfortable while transporting them to a bee keeper that can be quite a distance from metropolitan suburbs

Please be aware if you chose this service we may not be able to capture all of the bees and it maybe necessary to eliminate a handful of bees after the capture.

So if you have a bee swarm in your yard, rather than just call a pest control company to kill them please ring Jim’s Pest Control on 131 546 and enquire to see if there are any of our Pest Controllers  in your area that can live capture the bees instead, and safely relocate them to a better place for all.