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Bee Treatment and Relocation Services

With the recent decline in Bee population, Bee Control has become increasingly vital.  We do not generally like to eliminate bee’s, however due to the life threatening effects a bee sting can have on some people, sometimes it is unavoidable.

Jim’s Termite & Pest Control prefer to capture bees alive and relocate them to a nearby, trusted bee keeper.  Come spring, Bees send out scouts to look for a new home. When you see a swarm, 9 times out of 10 they are just in the process of moving to a new, more suitable home. If this occurs, discourage them from settling near your home by simply spraying the  area with water.

If that fails, call one of our friendly Pest Control technicians and they will apply a treatment to repel Bees away from your home.  While a handful Bee casualties may occur during the process the main swarm will never come and will look for somewhere else to live.

Our Pest Control technicians will also remove or seal the Bee Hive as the honeycomb and honey in it can attract other bee swarms in the area.


If you have Bee allergies or a Bee phobia, it is highly recommended that you get an outside General Pest Treatment to help prevent the bees from coming inside.  Clients that have this done annually in spring have never reported any problems with bees during the spring and summer and as a bonus General Pest Treatments also keep other pests at bay like spiders and other creepy crawlies.


Have Bees moved into your property? Are they in an inaccessible area? If you answered ‘Yes’ then there are only two choices left to make…

  1. Leave them there and learn to live with the bees. Keep in mind that they can get very active and swarm in the warmer months.
  2. Call a Jim’s Termite & Pest Control technician to come out and apply a treatment that will quickly and humanly deal with the bees.

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