Wasp Removal & Control in Yarralumla

Discovered a Wasp Nest or have a Wasp infestation in Yarralumla, and need them removed?  Call Jim’s Pest Control on 131 546.

Do not risk upsetting the swarm or nest on your own – to do so could be very dangerous to yourself and others.  Wasps can cause painful stings, and even death if the sting produces an anaphylactic reaction.

Keep children and pets away; and make sure doors and windows are closed. Ensure food remains covered and drinks are capped or covered.

Then call the professional Wasp Control experts at Jim’s Yarralumla Pest Control.  Our team will conduct an inspection of the area where wasps are located, and the nest area if known.  Then the best course of treatment will be determined. This might include the removal and relocation of the nest, and the application of a suitable pesticide to eradicate the wasps.

Our approach will always factor in conditions such as the location of the wasps and/or nest and proximity to other properties, people, roads, etc, operating hours if appropriate and peak activity periods in Yarralumla to ensure minimum disruption and aggravation to any people, pets and businesses nearby.

So call Jim’s Pest Control Yarralumla today by calling 131 546 or book in a free quote online today.

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1) Why did you decide to join Jim’s Pest Control Canberra? I wanted to be self employed and be in control of my working days and jobs, so becoming a franchisee of Jim’s Pest Control was perfect for me. 2) What are your values? Hard work goes a long way! I also really believe in […]

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Why did you decide to join Jim’s Pest Control? To provide a better life style for my family and myself. What are your values? Work hard be honest and try to help people. What do you like to do outside of work? Play golf, tennis, squash and spend time with my family. What tips can […]

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Jim’s Pest Control Garran

Your Local Jim’s Pest Control Garran offers a range of professional Pest Control, White Ant & Termite Treatments to Possum & Snake Catching, to Bee & Wasp Removal and of course Rodent Extermination.  Our Pest Control options are Safe for your Family, Neighbours, Customers, Colleagues and Pets! Keep your property pest free, safe & hygienic. Just call…

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