Spider Control in Pierces Creek

Got a spider infestation in Pierces Creek?  Call your local Pierces Creek Jim’s Pest Control on 131 546 to book in a spider control treatment today.

Australia has our fair share of dangerous spiders.  It is important that our homes are a safe environment for our family, friends and pets, free of the dangers of a nasty spider bite, not to mention the nuisance of webs.

Critically, some Australian spider bites can be fatal, so it pays to be extra vigilant if you see any traces of the most deadly Australian spiders including Funnel Web and Red Back  Spiders.  Less dangerous but still very unpleasant if bitten are the White Tail spiders and Black House Spiders.

As a precaution, we recommend Professional Spider Control plans are implemented regularly on properties in Pierces Creek.  We have  range of treatments to effectively control existing infestations, and offer an 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We provide a written plan to control and prevent future spider infestations.

Your local Pierces Creek Jim’s Pest Control technicians are fully licensed and qualified Pest Controllers. Do not use unlicensed nor untrained pest practitioners.  Jim’s Pest technicians are also police-checked, fully insured and have expert knowledge on various spider species.  Jim’s Pest Control offer a safe, odourless, effective spider eradication program for homes, offices and work places, and can offer a same day service.

Usually our Spider Treatment Program will involve applying a spray that is specifically developed to address Australian spider species. Our professional, industry-only spider treatment is far superior to DIY products that can be purchased over the counter. We can treat internal and external areas, including sub-floors, sheds, gardens and fences, and applications may vary accordingly.

For your convenience, we are usually able to complete the treatment while the building is occupied, and typically a single treatment will last for several months.

For complete spider eradication though, we do recommend an ongoing spider control program, and will advise you of steps you can take and provide written recommendations customized to your specific Pierces Creek location, property features and lifestyle.

You can call the trusted Jim’s Brand 7 days (8am-8pm) on 131 546 and book in a Spider Control Service or book online 24/7 here.  We’ll happily provide a no obligation free quote, in writing. And as with all Jim’s services, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


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