Rat & Rodent Extermination in Sydney

Jim's Termite & Pest Control

Need to get rid of rats and rodents in Sydney? Call Jim’s Pest Control on 131 546 now for a comprehensive treatment to eradicate rats, rat nests and rodents fast.

We will carry out a survey, report finding and then carry out a guaranteed program that will control rates and rodents in and around your buildings.

Most often, we recommend rodent bait stations, and find this are very secure and reduce any risk of secondary poisoning of other animals (especially your beloved pets) to virtually zero.

Protect your property, electrical wiring, family and food sanitation by eradicating rats from your buildings and surrounds.

We also strongly recommend addressing daily routines to ensure that that food and water available to rats is kept at a minimum, by avoiding rubbish being kept indoors at night.

Food left out for pets can also attract vermin, so again be careful where this is located and how often food is left “out”.

We can also thoroughly inspect your Sydney property and help “rat proof” the entry points for crafty rodents. This might include simple fixes such as adding mesh over entrance holes, fly screens, exhaust fans, and so on, or filling in gaps in skirting and architraves.

Just call your local Jim’s Pest Control Sydney on 131 546 or book a time online for a no obligation quote today.