Ant Control in Adelaide

Do you have an Ant infestation in Adelaide and need a safe and effective way to get rid of Ants permanently?  Jim’s Pest Control Adelaide have local, experienced Pest Control technicians, that can advise you on a range of Ant Control Treatments to keep your home and work environment Ant free.  Simply call 131 546 7 days (8am-8pm) and book in for a free quote.

Left untreated, Ant infestations can spread diseases, and their excessive excavations can leave unsightly and dangerous cracks in footpaths.  Some Australian species can sting and bite; and have even been know to cause  an anaphylactic reaction for the victim.

Jim’s fully trained and licensed pest control technicians can advise on family and pet friendly remedial treatments to address current ant infestations; and provide advice on how to get rid of ants.

Our Technical Advisors can also make recommendations about Ant Prevention, and how to ensure once Ants are gone, that the property stays fully protected. The options will vary depending on the situation, climate, building materials.  Our work offers an 100% satisfaction guarantee; our technicians are all fully trained, qualified and licensed pest control specialists.

Our treatment options will vary depending on our initial inspection but are likely to include options such as Ant Bait (safe to use around your children and pets), Dust for roof voids and sub-floor areas, and Surface Spray – an option that is typically applied to the boundary of the property. These Ant control treatments, combined with our written recommendations to help reduce ongoing Ant infestations at the specific property, will see a dramatic reduction in the ant population, fast!

A reminder: Do not risk your property with unlicensed or unprofessional practitioners. Pest control is a specialist field, requiring full accreditation and licensing. Ask to see your pest controller’s license and qualifications before letting them commence any works.  Many chemical treatments can result in serious injury or even death if not fully compliant with strict OH&S standards.

For Same Day Service, book in a Jim’s Ant Control Treatment with the local Adelaide team today. Call 131 546 or Book Online here.



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