Jim's Pest Control Canberra

1) Why did you decide to join Jim’s Pest Control Canberra?

I wanted to be self employed and be in control of my working days and jobs, so becoming a franchisee of Jim’s Pest Control was perfect for me.

2) What are your values?

Hard work goes a long way! I also really believe in helping people out, from friends to family to my customers.

3) What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m really involved in my local junior rugby team. I’m always there of a Saturday morning helping out – whether it’s setting up the fields or manning the BBQ for the post-game snag!

4) What tips can you give to customers?

Everyone knows to keep the inside of their house clean and tidy, but in order to keep the bugs away you have to keep the outside of your house clean too.

5) What has been one of your most interesting jobs?

The more interesting the people the more interesting the job! I’ve done a few jobs for the Israeli Embassy and the people there are always so great to chat to that I find myself sticking around for a few minutes afterwards to talk.

6) How has your Jim’s Pest Control Franchise been for you since joining?

The franchise has been really great, I’m able to schedule jobs around my personal life so I manage to fit a lot more things in.

7) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I’d love to be retired by then but somehow I don’t see that happening! I’m excited for my franchise to keep growing and becomes bigger and bigger in the next five years.

8) Pest issues that you find in your area and unique content.

Pest issues and unique content – I do a lot of jobs for government offices and embassies which is quite unique to Canberra.

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A H - Saturday 10th of February 2018


M L - Wednesday 21st of February 2018


Nothing, all contact with Jim's was good. I just didn't end up using the service.
A F - Sunday 31st of December 2017

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