6 Benefits of Mice Control

Jim's Termite & Pest ControlEver wondered why your electronic gadgets or appliances are no longer working? Or what is that horrible smell? Maybe at night in bed you have wondered what those strange noises are? You may need to know the 6 Benefits of Mice Control!

If you’ve seen mice scurrying around your home, there’s a big chance that they are the culprit. Once you’ve figured that there’s a rodent problem in your property, contact mice pest control services quickly, without delay.

Whether it’s a mouse or a rat, these pests can prove to be both a nuisance and a safety hazard to you and your home. Also cause damage to property and pose a serious risk to your family’s health and even your pets. As mice carry diseases, they are among the biggest threats among pests as they can spread viruses and other pathogens throughout your home.

Importance of investing in mice control?

Rodents can become a major issue in a short time frame. Reproducing up to eight times a year, having up to 64 offspring who can then reproduce at six weeks of age. So stopping this from happening needs to be priority.

To make your home completely rodent-free, a professional pest control service checks your property to ensure preventative methods are administered. They don’t only get rid of rodents but also prevent future infestation to make your home safer.

You could opt for DIY methods such as snap traps are not always effective solutions. A trap may be able to catch one rodent or two, but it will not be able to address the entire infestation problem, especially not at its source.

Administering chemical solutions such as bait but can pose a threat to your family, pets and the environment, so it’s better to leave mice extermination work to the professionals.

The following benefits can attest to why you shouldn’t neglect mice control at home:

1.  Health Benefits

As mice tend to lurk around dirty surfaces, they make great carriers of various diseases.

A mice infestation at home puts your family at risk for leptospirosis, Lyme disease, Hantavirus, and many other illnesses. Keeping your home safe from various diseases begins by eliminating the rodents that spread them.

Even after you have eradicating rodents is not that simple. Mice leave behind excretions and droppings, and only a professional pest control service understands these risks. Their deep knowledge of pest infestations means they can make your home a more hygienic place to live.

DIY methods you are left to dispose of the rodents and cleaning the areas that have been affected.  The mice control service will do the job on your behalf so you can avoid putting yourself at risk for diseases by not being in direct contact with pests.

2. Protect your home

Mice and rats, in particular, chew through anything. They can damage your appliances, electrical wiring, and clothing just for fun while you’re left devastated. Furniture can end up destroyed as the nice stuffing in your lounge is a great breeding area for them.

After your home theatre installation, ensure that no entertainment investment goes to waste through regular mice control.

Wiping out the mice population in your property allows you to have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to buy another appliance or any other household item just because the wires and cables have been chewed into.

3. Save on costs

Hiring a professional mice control service won’t cost you a fortune. This is because you only have to pay for the service so there’s no need to buy the required tools and poisons by yourself. A mice control service already has all the required equipment to do the job right, and on time. Saves you time and peace of mind that the job has been done properly.

Jim's Termite & Pest Control4. Why use a professional service

A mice control service are well-trained for eliminating rodents, have the right equipment for the job. They have the knowledge and expertise to correctly identify the root cause of the problem and what measures to take.

They will ensure the complete removal of mice from your home with the following steps and materials:

  • Inspection – survey your area for rodents and give you a report of their findings.
  • Bait – several bait stations will be set up at strategic locations.
  • Tracking Powders – make use of rodent tracking powders which get attached to mice and rat fur, and ingested when they groom.
  • Traps – specially designed traps in areas where baits can’t be utilized are set.

5. Prevention

  • Repair any holes or gaps from around your home doors, windows and walls as mice can fit through a gap of less than one centimetre.
  • Regularly clean, sweep, vacuum and take out rubbish.
  • Do not leave paper, boxes or clothing laying around as they will chew on it and make it their nest.

6. Rodent free

Mice eradication allows you to enjoy your home without worrying about without the noises that affect your sleep and more importantly, you don’t have to be anxious about health threats that rodents pose to your family. After a successful mice control session, you and your entire family can sleep better, stay safe, and eat healthily.

Is there a chance of infestation brewing? Lookout for these signs

Keep your home mice-free by keeping an eye out for any signs of rodent infestation. Signs of mice activity include:

  • Fresh rodent droppings
  • Mice burrows or holes
  • Greasy smear marks
  • Nocturnal sounds such as gnawing or clawing
  • Rodent nests made of paper, cardboard, or rags
  • Bad odors
  • Pets behaving odd

If you notice any of the signs above, contact a mice control service immediately. The faster you can address the pest problem, the sooner you can have peace of mind. Call Jim’s Termite & Pest Control on 131 546 or Request A Free Quote now!

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