4 Ways to Eliminate Pests

Jim's Termite & Pest ControlPests becoming a problem around your property and even worse inside your home. There are a few simple steps to eliminate those creepy crawlers before they damage property or affect your health. Long term solution to control pests around your home is the most efficient way to stop them in their tracks.

Use the following methods to help eliminate pests from your property before they become a problem.

1. Stopping the bugs from getting in

Stopping the creepy crawlers from being able to enter your home is the first step. If they cannot get in no damage can occur. Tips to keeping pests out:

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  • Stay Dry – Keeping your property dry as possible will deter
  • cockroaches and mosquitoes from setting up home, as they are attracted to water. Covering or draining pools, cleaning out gutters will deter them from hanging around.
  • Hiding Places – Often we cannot see where the pests are hiding. If this is the case you are best to hire a professional as they can easily track down the hiding place. Once found they will eliminate and seal in any gaps to prevent any further infestations.
  • Keep clean – Pests love dirty places, dirty areas mean food. Food scraps and crumbs left around is an open invitation to pests as a breeding ground. To prevent this from happening do regular clean ups around your home, under lounge suits, fridges, pantry and around the outside of your home.
  • Repair holes – Any holes, cracks, gaps or rips are an easy in for pests. Patching any you may see as soon as possible is the best chance at keeping them out. Look at screens on windows and doors, gaps around pipes and any holes that may have occurred.
  • Replace Plants – Garden maintenance, having green waste laying around and certain plants such as fruit trees and ivy will cause an infestation. Substitute plants like petunias and chrysanthemums which will not attract pests. Planting lavender and marigolds around your property will repel mosquitos from becoming a problem.
  • Manage Pet Waste – Having pets are great but you must think about cleaning up after them as bugs love their waste. Disposing of the waste as soon as possible is the easiest way to keep the bugs at bay. Having a can lined with a garbage bag and poop bags so you can immediately dispose of waste is a great option.

2. Knowing what pests you have

The first course of action is to know what pests you are with. You need to know this to understand what the best solution is to eliminate the pests that reside in your home. You should at least be familiar with common household pests to successfully get rid of them.

Once you know what pests are also living in your home, you’ll be able to choose a treatment customised for that specific infestation.

3. Pay attention to you

If you have taken all the proper precautions around your property and finding you are still getting pest infestation, you may need to check you are not bring them home. Insects and bugs are very good at surviving, they will use any opportunity to make this happen. They can attach themselves to you while out, on your belongings if you have stayed at hotel that may have had bedbugs or even taking your dogs for a walk. Before heading home have a quick check that you have no hitchhikers with you. Doing this will help prevent pests from invading and spreading through your home.

4. Implement a treatment

Jim's Termite & Pest ControlOnce you know what pests you are dealing with you can set in place a treatment plan. Depending on what kind of pests you’re dealing with, you may have to use an insecticide or even set up traps. Remember to be careful in placing traps or using insecticides to prevent health hazards to pets and humans.

Below are some common treatments for controlling pests:

  • Biological Pest Removal – This involves using live organisms to manage vermin populations. When dealing with rats or mice, for example, you can scare off the vermin rather than eliminate them by introducing a cat (or cats) into your home. Another way is by planting ornamentals in your garden to attract beneficial insects or to repel pests.
  • Natural and Organic Pest Control – This is similar to pesticides but comes from natural extracts and plants. As this is only harmful to specific types of pests, it’s considered to be a healthier alternative to chemical pesticides. However, natural pest control methods may not always be as effective as chemical pesticides.
  • Chemical Pest Control – This is done through the use of synthetic compounds that kill pests or inhibit development. As chemical pesticides differ in strength, they are often harmful to some plants and other organisms. Fortunately, this type of treatment tends to be safe as long as it is administered by a qualified professional.

No one wants creepy crawlers damaging their property or putting their health at risk. The best action to avoid pests from calling your property home is to keep good cleaning practices and maintain your property to prevent infestations from occurring. Call Jim’s Termite & Pest Control on 131 546 or Request A Free Quote now!

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