Common Pests of Autumn

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Jim's Termite & Pest ControlThe colder months have officially arrived and with it the need to prepare your home for invaders. Unfortunately, not even the cool autumn days can deter pests from invading your home and waging war on your peace of mind.

If you’re unsure what to look for or how to prepare, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of the most common autumn pests to be on the lookout for this season.


Just like you, rats and mice need food, water and shelter to get through the winter months. They gnaw through wood and wire and fit through very small cracks. On a serious note rats can transmit a number of serious diseases and can introduce ticks and fleas into your home. They are also rapid breeders and extremely destructive.

Check all around foundations, windows and door frames and fill any cracks or holes. Always store opened food in airtight containers. Remember to keep floors swept or vacuumed to prevent the attraction of crumbs. Put tied rubbish bags outside preferably out of reach of any scavengers.

Bed Bugs

Majority of pest control contractors have treated bed bugs in the past year, and there’s no doubt they’re nasty pests to deal with. These bugs are notorious hitchhikers, which means if you’re in an area where you suspect bed bugs, you should thoroughly check all of your belongings before leaving. They’ll be transported on clothing, school bags and bedding. Mattresses will show tell-tale signs of infestation with dried spots of excrement alongside the bugs themselves. And if you spot these bloodsuckers inside your home, call a pest control company immediately.


Though their true time to shine is during the summer, make no mistake, ants are an issue for many year-round.

Ants can quickly invade your home and become a serious problem particularly in kitchen and eating areas. They communicate with each other using chemical scent trails and an ant finding food will rapidly mark a trail back to the colony so fellow ants will follow it to the source of the food. Each time the trail is used the smell intensifies so it’s easy to see how infestation occurs.

There are many ways to deter ants by sealing any cracks around the foundations and filling in any crevices. Make sure any opened food is stored in sealed containers. Sweep and mop hard floors regularly and vacuum all carpeted areas. Make sure that trees and plants are cut back away from buildings and keep firewood outside.


Cockroaches can not only spread 33 different kinds of dangerous bacteria, they can trigger asthma attacks in children, which makes them one of the most dangerous pests out there. If you see a cockroach, you should call your local pest control company. These naturally shy pests don’t like to be seen in the light of day. So if you have spotted roaches recently, there are probably many, many more you haven’t seen.

Cockroaches love to snack on food, wallpaper, books and electronics. They need a source of water and can’t survive more than a week without any, therefor, to deter their arrival make sure you don’t have any water leaks in your property. Keep kitchens and bathrooms hygienically clean. As they love grease keep your kitchen worktops and surfaces squeaky clean and seal all opened food. Wash up before you go to bed! Empty rubbish bins regularly and use one with a lid that can be kept closed.

Jim's Termite & Pest Control

Prevent pests in your home with this small checklist of DIY tasks

Below is a list of chores that can help reduce/prevent pest problems in your home.

  • Check down-pipes regularly for leaks
  • Repair any gutter damage with gutter sealants
  • Check drains and gutters are free flowing and remove obstructions such as fallen leaves
  • Repair leaky plumbing
  • Use sticky traps or moth killer strips to confirm signs of activity
  • Wash all clothes and bedding on a high heat
  • Vacuum and clean the entire room, don’t forget the inside of clothes cupboards and bedside tables as well as bed frames and mattresses.
  • Inspect furniture and carpet for signs of bed bugs and moths.
  • Install a suitably-sized chimney cap to keep animals out and prevent secondary pest infestations
  • Cover air vents with galvanised mesh to prevent entry
  • Store items in plastic containers and keep off the floor to prevent nesting sites
  • Install bristle strips to the bottom of doors connecting the garage to your home
  • Seal any gaps and crevices in the brick work
  • Store food in air-tight containers
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink
  • Regularly empty contents of rubbish bins
  • Clear food debris off the floor
  • Regularly clean and inspect under sinks, cookers and behind the fridge
  • Caulk, expanding foam and other DIY products are available to fill cracks
  • Keep branches and shrubbery trimmed away from the house
  • Ensure outside bin lids are secure
  • Dispose of old and used magazines and newspapers
  • Dust and clean on a regular basis.

If all else fails, you may need the help of the professionals. A reputable company such as Jim’s Termite & Pest Control will send highly trained specialists to protect your home and provide you with a pest-free environment. Call 131 546 or book online for a free quote!

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