Should Rodents On A Rampage In Sydney Be Cause For Public Concern?

Jim's Termite & Pest ControlNumerous videos that captured rodents on a rampage in Sydney are constantly being uploaded and shared on social media. These videos have also found their way into local and international TV news; as such, the current rodent problem in Sydney and across Australia is now known across the globe.

Brown and black rats and their bigger cousins, the water rats, can now be frequently seen on streets, backyards, and outside buildings and establishments. There have been many reports of infestations in various commercial and residential properties as well. The increase in the population of rodents is indeed worrisome since, according to experts, there are now more rats than people in Sydney today.

Why Rats Are Bad For Your Health

Rats live in sewers, drains, and other dirty, unhealthy places. As such, they pick up disease-causing germs from their surroundings. Rats then become carriers of these germs and can spread various dangerous diseases through the following ways:

  • Contaminating food, kitchen tables, storage areas, and cooking utensils with the disease-causing germs they get from the sewers and other unsanitary places.
  • Depositing urine or faeces on kitchen utensils.
  • Leaving urine or faeces in places frequented by people. The bacteria can enter a person’s skin through small scratches or wounds and cause havoc to his or her health.
  • Biting or passing germs to pets and other animals which can be passed on to humans.

The most common and dangerous diseases you can get from rats include:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Mouse Typhoid or Duck Egg Disease
  • Favus or Tinea Favosa
  • Rat-Bite Fever or RBF

Keeping Rats Out Of Your Property

Taking the right precautionary and preventive measures to keep rats away from your property will help lower their population and stop the infestation from growing and spreading. Here are some tips that will help you with this:

  • Never leave rubbish outside your home in bags. Always place them in a metal or plastic rubbish bin that can be closed or covered completely.
  • Avoid leaving pet food, including bird seeds, on your lawn or anywhere outside your home. Rats are attracted to these products and hence, will invade your property if you always have these outside your home.
  • Always keep your yard clean. Do not leave piles of dry leaves and grass, wood piles, old furniture, and other debris on your lawn. Rats and other pests will turn these types of debris into their home or nesting areas.
  • Lastly, seal possible entryways to your home. Start by sealing doors and windows since rats can also use them to enter your home. Use metal sheeting, cement, or hardware cloth to seal or cover big holes, cracks, and crevices which rodents can use as entryways as well.

Everyone in Sydney should be concerned by the growing rat infestation problem. Rats carry and transmit several life-threatening diseases. If you do your part in keeping rats away from your home, you and your family will remain safe and healthy. You also play a role in culling their proliferation.

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