Rats & Mice Proving A Problem In Sydney

Jim's Termite & Pest ControlToday, it is quite normal to see rats scurrying around or munching on something in public areas in and around Sydney. Whether it’s day or night, you will regularly catch a glimpse of rats and mice on the streets, alleys, and outside and even inside buildings.

There can be no hiding the fact of rats & mice proving a problem in Sydney; you can literally see these rodents anywhere and everywhere. According to experts, the increase in rodent sightings across the city is caused by:

  • Poor waste management practices of restaurants, homes, and other establishments. Food wastes simply placed in plastic rubbish bags and left outside the building are fodder for rats and mice. As such, rats and mice will be regularly seen in such areas.
  • Purposefully or inadvertently leaving pet food and bird seeds outdoors.
  • Demolition and construction projects.
  • Changes in the weather condition.

Reasons to Be Worried About a Widespread Rodent Infestation

Rats and mice are some of the most destructive, harmful pests around. Sydney residents have cause to be concerned about the increase of their population since these rodents:

  • Carry and transmit different types of bacteria that can cause a number of diseases, some of which can be life-threatening. These include lymphocytic choriomeningitis, leptospirosis, murine typhus fever, and mouse typhoid.
  • Never stop eating. Once you have a rat or mouse on your property, they will eat or chew on everything in sight. If they can’t find something edible, they will munch on newspapers, books, and furniture. You will always find something ruined or missing when you let these pests enter your home.
  • Love to nibble on electric wires, cables, and insulation. Numerous issues can arise from gnawed on and damaged electric wires, cables, and insulation. Sudden electrical outages and even a house fire are not impossible. You will also be encumbered by the repairs that need to be made and the expenses that will accompany them.
  • Gnaw through thermal insulation. Aside from wires and cables, rats and mice chomp on thermal insulation found in attics and other areas. When insulation is damaged, you will have higher energy bills, especially during winter. Repairing or replacing the materials will also cost you a lot of money.
  • Damage your roof. Rats have also been known to chew on the eaves of roofs. The holes they create will cause rain to permeate your home and serve as entryways for rodents and other pests.
  • Destroy your garden or lawn. Rats and mice eat both edible and non-edible plants. When you have rodents in your yard, your plants will suffer from their insatiable appetite.

Jim's Termite & Pest Control

If you live in Sydney, the growing rodent infestation problem is definitely something you have to worry about. If you don’t want your home and your family to suffer from the destructive habits of rats and mice, take the necessary step to protect your property now.

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