What Are Sydney’s Most Problematic Pests?

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Sydney is a beautiful city. It’s the home of Bondi, for example — one of the most famous beaches in the world.

Unfortunately, it’s also the home of some of the most annoying pests for households. Like most progressive cities, urban living manages to attract some undesirable creepy crawlers and fliers.

If you’re moving to this beautiful area of the Land Down Under and you want to keep your home free from freaky pests, it would help to know what Sydney’s most problematic pests are. This way, you’ll be able to employ preventative strategies.

So, what are they? Pest management specialists have compiled them in a list below.

  1. Termites
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Sydney can have really damp weather during certain times of the year. Likewise, the close proximity to the beach makes the air rather moist. Therefore, it’s no wonder a lot of homes here deal with termites.

Termites are moisture-loving insects and they thrive in homes that are damp. To keep them away, keep your home as clean and dry as possible and make sure to treat the wood components of your house with termite-repelling agents such as orange oil and vinegar.

  1. Mosquitoes

Expect unbearable scourges of mosquitoes during the spring and summer. Warm weather is what mosquitoes love because they are cold-blooded insects. Mosquitoes in Sydney are not that dangerous even if they bite, but nobody certainly would want to get bitten.

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There are many ways to keep mosquitoes at bay. Light up some citronella, eucalyptus, or lavender candles to repel the bloodsuckers. Likewise, get rid of standing water where mosquitoes are known to lay their eggs.  And always keep your home clean.

  1. Spiders

House spiders are rather common in all parts of the country and they’re often harmless. They are, however, scary-looking. The Huntsman, particularly, is one freaky arachnid, but it’s actually quite docile.

But who wants to share a house with a six-inch spider, right? And, who wouldn’t scream her head off at the sight of a dark eight-legged thing?

If you don’t want to deal with the spiders of Sydney, the easiest thing to do is to call a pest control company. But if you wish to take the affordable DIY route, spraying your home with peppermint oil is said to work. Spiders are also repelled by citrus scents, so leaving orange

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and lemon peels in strategic spots around your house may keep them away. And of course, regular home cleaning helps a great deal as well.

  1. Cockroaches

These are the scariest to deal with because they’re ugly, they fly at you, and they’re germ-carriers. However, cockroaches only populate places that are not maintained well. Homes that have plumbing leaks and do not have proper rubbish disposal are havens for them.

So, if you don’t want cockroaches to share your new home in Sydney, cleanliness is your best defence against them.

  1. Bedbugs

A lot of apartments tend to have a bad case of bedbugs. These pests are easily transported from one home to another because they “jump”

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Bed Bug

into people’s suitcases or inhabit old furniture.

The most effective way of dealing with bed bugs is to hire the pros as most common “home remedies” have been proven to be not powerful enough to kill off these bloodsuckers.

There you have it – the most common household pests in Sydney. If you want a pest-free home, you need to implement the right strategies known to repel them.

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