The 3 Most Common And Dangerous Sydney Spiders

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Sydney Funnel Web Spider

Encounters with arachnids are not uncommon in Sydney. These creatures can be found nearly anywhere in this city. Although some species are less dangerous than others, it is always best to leave them alone when you see them and get help from experts if you want a spider removed or if you are dealing with an infestation.

But which Sydney spiders should you specifically stay away from? Here are the three most common and dangerous types you will find in Sydney:

  1. Sydney Funnel-Web

The Sydney funnel-web is the most dangerous spider in Australia and the world. They can be found in Sydney and across New South Wales,

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Sydney Funnel Web Home

particularly in forests and urban areas. They burrow in humid, sheltered areas. They also lurk in backyards and swimming pools. When threatened, they can be quite aggressive.

The Sydney funnel-web’s fangs are larger than a brown’s snake and are so powerful they can pierce fingernails and toenails. Their venom can be fatal as well.

  1. Trapdoor spiders

Trapdoor spiders can be found throughout Australia’s urban and rural areas. They live in tunnels that usually have circular doors. When bitten, the victim will feel localised pain.  Nausea, lethargy, and malaise are other symptoms that can manifest as well.

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Trapdoor Spider Home

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Trapdoor Spider

  1. Mouse spider
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Mouse Spider

Australia is home to eight species of mouse spiders and all of them are dangerous. They can be found across the country. They live in burrows, usually near rivers or waterways. They can be found in suburban areas, too.

A mouse spider’s venom is similar to that of a funnel-web’s. However, these spiders are usually lethargic, active during the day, and rarely aggressive.

Other Species

There are other types of spiders you can find in Sydney that are not too dangerous and that, in fact, help control other pests.

The huntsman spider, for instance, is one of the most widespread spiders in Australia. They are not aggressive, reluctant to bite, and would run away when approached by humans. They are usually feared because of their size and their tendency to appear from nearly anywhere. They help control pests since they eat smaller insects.

Black spiders, Daddy long-legs spiders, and orb-weaving spiders can be found inside and outside Sydney homes as well. Like the huntsman spider, they eat smaller insects. They are effective, natural pest control methods. If you see these spiders in your garden or outdoors, it is best to leave them alone and allow them help you reduce the presence of small pests on your property.

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