Safely Removing Spiders Inside Your Home

Along with sharks and snakes, spiders are some of the most feared and reviled creatures on the planet.Jim's Termite & Pest Control

But despite their curious (if not scary) appearance, most spiders are actually harmless. In fact, in Australia where there is an estimated number of 10,000 spider species, only a handful are considered to be invasive. Apart from that, only two species, the redback spiders and the Sydney funnel-web, are considered to be dangerous to humans.

Helpful creatures

If the aforementioned facts and figures are not enough to convince you that spiders are actually cool critters, then consider the fact that they offer quite a few benefits.

For one, spiders help control the number of insects on a property. As predators, spiders can consume a sizeable amount of insects which can wreak havoc on your garden if left unchecked. Some species of spiders are also known to eat other spiders, thus helping control their population. They can also help curb the spread of diseases carried by known vectors like roaches, mosquitoes, flies, and fleas.

Getting rid of spiders safely

If you see a spider crawling up a wall or ceiling in your home, do not kill it. Instead, the better option would be to capture it and move it outdoors. If the spider is near a window or door and you are sure that it is non-venomous, you can coax it to run through the open door or window. It would be easier for you to do that by limiting its movement through blocking one area of the wall using household items like books. Using such items, you can guide the spider through the opening.

If you are using a folder and the spider crawls on it, you can simply toss the folder along with your uninvited guest. Another way to catch a spider is to use an empty glass or cup and a piece of paper. This method is highly recommended if the spider is crawling on the floor or a wall. Move slowly toward the spider and place the glass or cup over it. Once the spider is trapped, slide a piece of paper under the glass or cup. This will allow you to trap it completely inside the container. Holding the piece of paper firmly against the container, lift the glass or cup and then go outdoors to let the spider out.

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You can also try sweeping the spider into the dust pan, especially if it is on the floor or on a wall. Using a broom, guide the spider into the dust pan. Tapping on the dust pan creates vibrations which will scare the spider, rendering it motionless. After that, you can set the spider free outside your home.

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