Pigeons (And Their Poop) Be Gone!

Helpful Tips For Homeowners

In Australia, some of the biggest flying pests homeowners regularly contend with are pigeons. Feral and crested pigeons, in particular, cause a lot of problems across the country.

Feral pigeons, also known as city doves, city pigeons, and street pigeons, can be found in various areas all across Australia. They are blue-grey in colour with a white rump, and have gleaming feathers on their heads and neck. They also have two crosswise broad black bars on each wing and a broad dark band on the end of their tail.

Crested pigeons are native to Australia and, as such, can be found nearly all over the mainland. They are stocky pigeons with a conspicuous thin black crest. Most of their plumage is grey-brown. Their wings are black in colour but have glossy green and purple patches. Their heads are grey and their eyes are surrounded by a pinkish-red ring.

Although they do not sport a predatory and terrifying look, they can be nuisances, especially in large numbers. They are noisy, they can

create a mess (not just with their poop), and they carry and spread smaller pests such as ticks and rodents. They spread their droppings anywhere (even on people), giving property owners the annoying tasks of cleaning after them regularly.

Pigeon droppings are not only disgusting to look at, but they are unhygienic as well. They spread diseases and weeds through their poop. Their droppings are also highly corrosive which can further damage roofs, buildings, and monuments.

Dealing With Your Pigeon Problems

If you have one or two pigeons frequenting your lawn and regularly see pigeon droppings, you already have an infestation problem. If you want these pigeons (and their poop) to be gone, here are some useful techniques:

  • Place sticky gel products on your lawn or other areas. Pigeons find these products uncomfortable to stand on.
  • Use scare devices. You can use a “scare-pigeon” such as kites with hawk silhouettes and light Mylar streamers. You can use them with an audio deterrent as well.
  • Spray them with water. Experts say that you can use a water hose to spray the pigeons but this must be done upon their arrival. Once they have established a roost in your property, even strong, regular water blasts won’t keep them from going home.

You can also prevent a pigeon infestation from happening in your home through the following:Jim's Termite & Pest Control

  • Remove their sources of food and water. Get rid of bird baths and feeders. Also, make sure your outdoor trash bins are thoroughly covered and keep food spillage to a minimum.
  • Always be on the lookout for nests along your house’s or building’s ledges, window sills, air-conditioning units, etc. Destroy the nest once you see it.
  • Invest in certain home improvement products such as netting (bird wire or mesh), wire coils or pigeon spikes. These items prevent pigeons from landing or roosting on your building or property.
  • Prevent pigeons from gaining access to potential roosting and nesting sites. You can do this by closing doorways and windows and sealing open eaves and cracks.

In severe cases of pigeon infestations, professionals will have to be brought in to trap the birds. In addition, they may also employ certain lethal and chemical control methods to help you have a pigeon-free property again.

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