Pests That Could Invade Your Home

Australia is home to many of the world’s most unique and exciting wildlife — there’s no question that people from all over the world long to pay a visit to the country to catch a glimpse of stunning creatures living in their natural habitats. Do you know the pests that could invade your home?

Of course, that doesn’t mean that only majestic and frighteningly dangerous creatures can be found here. The Land Down Under does have something in common with the rest of the world: Homeowners also find undesirable creatures (most of which are also found elsewhere in the world) living with them in their properties, and they also find it challenging to drive them out and keep them away.

Here are three of the most common pests that could invade your home:


These are perhaps the most dreaded pests that could infest an Australian home. It’s said that one in four houses in the country will have termites throughout its lifespan. As small as these creatures are, they can cause a gigantic amount of damage — they chew up wood and paper, which means some of the most crucial areas of your home’s structure can be destroyed, leading to costly repairs and even the loss of a home for many families.

It’s no surprise that the lack or presence of termites are major factors that affect the real estate industry — no one wants to live in a house infested with or damaged by termites, and to burden the associated costs and hassles.

Termite infestations need to be addressed by pest control experts right away. They will perform termite inspections and use special techniques and equipment to eliminate these pests.













Ants normally aren’t a problem when you find them going about their busy way outdoors. They become a nuisance, however, when they form long lines going in and out of your home — often targeting your kitchen, dining area, pantry, and other areas where they can find food. It doesn’t help that many ant species also deliver nasty bites that could cause allergic reactions in some people.

Getting rid of ants can be relatively simple. Follow their trail and seal off their entry points. Make sure all your food is stored properly and give your tables, counter tops, sinks and other surfaces clean and wiped down so that there’s won’t be anything attracting them to come.











Rats and mice are universally detested because of the different problems they cause. Not only do they make a home out of people’s houses (which means they chew their way through walls, floor joists and cables), leave their urine and faeces around, and get into your food and rubbish, but they also carry deadly diseases that can put your whole family at risk.

Similar to dealing with ants, it helps greatly to keep the whole house clean and to bar the rodents’ access to food. You can hire your local pest control specialists to use the appropriate traps or deterrents. Once the property is free of rats and mice, you should then work on proofing the house so that rodents won’t be able to make their home there again.


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