Repel Cockroaches Naturally

Do you want to learn how to repel cockroaches naturally? Roaches are among the most resilient pests on Earth – they can even survive nuclear fallout. Too bad for us, right?

Luckily, there are ways you can repel cockroaches naturally so you don’t have to resort to what amounts to chemical bombing. Here are three methods you can try right now:

Keep Exceptionally Clean

It’s always better to prevent roach infestations instead of dealing with them when they start taking over your abode. By far, the best natural way to do just that is to keep your household exceptionally clean.

Roaches like food residue, for obvious reasons. They’re quite attracted to grease as well. If you don’t want roaches turning your kitchen into their playground in the night, you should perform these tasks before going to bed:

  • Wipe down surfaces and counters thoroughly
  • Never leave dirty dishes in the sink
  • Ensure that your stovetop is clean
  • Sweep your floors diligently

Also, quickly attend to any water leaks. Roaches like the moisture and wouldn’t mind the free drink. Likewise, don’t leave any stagnant water sources.

Seal Holes and Cracks

Take away access to your home – literally – by sealing any holes or cracks that cockroaches can abuse. You’re going to have to inspect the inside of your pantry, between countertops and walls, the spaces between electrical sockets, and cracks in baseboards, among other things.

Sealing cracks and holes is a significant step in naturally repelling cockroaches, especially if you live in an apartment where the neighbours you share walls with might not have the same standards as you. The best thing to use for sealing is a tube of caulk and a caulking gun – it expands to fill in holes nicely.

Use All-Natural Cockroach Repellents

If it’s a little too late to prevent roaches from getting into your home, you may need to take more active measures. But don’t skimp on cleanliness and sealing holes and cracks just because.

There are several natural cockroach repellents, but here are some you will most probably find around your house right now:

  • Garlic – They might be delicious, but they aren’t easy on the nose – even for cockroaches. Lay out flesh cloves of garlic or scatter garlic powder in areas where you think roaches are entering your home to ward them off.
  • Mint – Your home could potentially become collateral damage if you wage war against the cockroaches using garlic. If you use mint instead, the scent won’t be as offensive to you and your family. You can use fresh mint leaves or mix essential mint oils with water and store them in a spray bottle. Spray away on surfaces where you think roaches lurk and don’t be afraid to spray them directly when you see them!
  • Petroleum jelly – If you really want to reduce their numbers, you can weaponise that extra petroleum jelly you have lying around the house! Spread a liberal amount of jelly across a plate or piece of cardboard, set some bait in the centre of it, and place it somewhere near cockroach highways. Cockroaches will try to get to the bait and be trapped in the jelly!











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