Identifying Ants In Your Home

Identifying Different Types Of Ants You May Have In Your Home

Pests come in different sizes. But regardless of their size, once their numbers start to swell, you will have a huge problem in your hands.

In general, most species of ants do not cause problems. However, some can be pests in the garden and in buildings. These insects will eat and destroy plants and infest decaying timber in wooden walls, fences, and other structures. Some ants are also known for their painful bites and stings and, as such, can be really scary pests to have in any home, especially if they have a large colony.

Black Ant

Although there are hundreds of different species of ants in Australia, some types are more common than others and, more often than not, can be found inside and outside properties.

Below are some of the most popular types of ants found in Australia as well as tips for identifying them and their presence:

Black ants

This type of ant can be found nearly anywhere in Australia. As their name implies, black ants are black in colour and they nest both outdoors and indoors, in ceilings and under paving. They prefer feeding on oils, butter, meats, bread, biscuits, and various types of sweet foods. Black ants are not only unpleasant to look at but they can also damage food, making it unfit for human consumption. When black ants are nesting indoors, they usually leave a mess of black droppings on floors and window sills.

Fire Ant

Fire ants

Fire ants are reddish-brown in colour but their abdomens have a darker brown shade. Nests usually contain a variety of sizes of ants.  Their nests come in the form of mounds that can reach up to 40 cm and are usually next to objects found on the ground such as logs and dead or decaying tree trunks. Fire ants are very protective of their nest and can give a painful sting

when disturbed which causes a burning and itching that can last up to an hour. Their nests are easy to locate and their presence in your yard means you already have an infestation.

Jack Jumper ants

Jack Jumper Ant

Found mostly in the southern parts of South Australia, NSW, Tasmania, Victoria, and south-west Western Australia, Jack Jumper ants are large species of the Bulldog ant. When disturbed, they jump, hence their name. Jack Jumper ants are black with yellow mandibles, antennae, and lower parts of the legs. Their heads are slightly wider than long and their mandibles are a little shorter than their heads. Their sting usually causes just a mild local reaction in most humans; however, people allergic to this ant’s venom can suffer from anaphylactic reactions. Like fire ants, they also build a mound of fine soil or gravel and these nests can often be located under a rock.

When you see a suspicious-looking mound on your lawn or frequently see ants inside and outside your home, it is best to call pest control experts if you want to safely get rid of these insects once and for all.

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