Home Remedies to Eliminate Rats

The animated film “Ratatouille” was a worldwide hit, but most certainly, nobody wants to live with rats (even ones that supposedly know how to whip up gourmet dishes). Everybody knows that rats are filthy creatures and they bring diseases everywhere they go. Therefore, if you have unfortunately found one or a few roaming around your home, you better take action right away by using these home remedies to eliminate rats.

The smartest route to take is to call professional exterminators; their rat removal services will take care of the rodents instantly. But if you’re still waiting for the weekend for your appointment with pest control experts, here are home remedies you can immediately implement to begin eliminating these disgusting rodents.

  1. Use the power of essential oils.

There are essential oils that effectively repel rats such as citronella, peppermint, and spearmint. Just douse a few cotton balls with these oils and leave them in common entry points for rats and for sure, the furry little creepers will take the cue that they’re unwanted.

  1. Use bay leaves.

Leave some bay leaves in areas where you’ve seen rats. They’ll eat the leaves and die from doing so.

  1. Leave some toy snakes lying around.

Rats are completely afraid of snakes (which Australia famously has a lot of). They’ll flee at the sight of their fierce predators.

Here’s an additional tip: A good alternative would have to be owl feathers. Rats know that owls hunt and eat them, so they’ll flee once they see these feathers. You can get owl feathers from hobby stores.

  1. Get a cat.

This beloved household pet is not only nice for cuddling and stroking; it chases away mice and rats, too.

  1. Chop up some fresh onions and dump them in rats’ entry holes into your home.

Rats abhor the pungent scent of raw onions and they will flee from it quickly if they catch a whiff of it.

  1. Use an electronic ultrasonic repellent.

The faint high-pitched sound from the tiny device discombobulates rats (and other pests, actually). Humans can’t hear this sound, but pests do and they run away if they hear it.

  1. Use steel wool to block entry points for rats.

Since rats can’t nibble on steel wool, it’s the perfect cover for small holes that rodents use to get into the house.

  1. Leave plaster of Paris food balls around your home.

Lastly, try mixing oatmeal, sugar, plaster of Paris and water to create “meatballs” or “patties” for rats to eat. The plaster of Paris will harden in the rats’ stomach and cause them to die.

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