Got a Cockroach Infestation?

Got a cockroach infestation? Go to War with These DIY Sprays and Traps!

There are few things in life as disgusting and filthy as a pest infestation – fewer still are as extremely vexing as a cockroach infestation.

If you’re going to war with an army of cockroaches, you should bring these DIY sprays and traps to the fight.

Spray Away to Repel and Kill Them!

Mint Oil

While there are commercially available chemical sprays aplenty, sometimes the DIY course is enough. Here are some ideas for DIY sprays that are effective in repelling and killing those persistent roaches!

  • Mint spray – Crush mint leaves, or better yet, use essential oils and mix them with water. Use a spray bottle to administer the mix on surfaces and other places where cockroaches linger to repel them. Spraying them directly might not be enough to kill, but it will be a strong “get out of here” message!
  • Pyrethrum Spray – If you don’t want to repel them and you’re out for blood, the pyrethrum (chrysanthemum) flower is your lethal weapon. It’s a bit of a process to create a pyrethrum spray, but its lethality against cockroaches is worth it.

Pyrethrum Flowers

Pick pyrethrum flowers when they’re in full bloom. Dry them in a cool, dark, dry place by hanging them upside down. Once they’re dried up, crush them as finely as possible and mix the powder with water.

Be warned: it’s harmless to humans, but don’t spray it on surfaces where food will be served just to be safe. This spray is downright lethal to cockroaches, but it deteriorates quickly, and will lose half of its killing power within hours after the mixture is exposed to air and sunlight. It’ll still work, but it pays to have a supply of powder or flowers to mix for a fresh supply and spraying spree for maximum effect.

  • Dish detergent spray – You won’t need to do much work with this one. Just mix thick detergent with water to create something that will more easily go through a spray bottle. Detergent spray suffocates cockroaches because it sticks to their skin, and covers the tubes they use to breathe through their skin.

Lure Them in for the Kill!

If you want to be more passive about it but also be able to kill more roaches in one go, then DIY traps are your best friend.

All cockroach traps work around the same concept: Place baits in the middle of these DIY traps and the cockroaches will either get stuck in them and die, or get poisoned by them and die. Either way, they’re dead.

  • Petroleum jelly trap – Everyone has a little petroleum jelly to spare at home. Apply a liberal amount to a plate or cardboard to make sure the roaches that step in won’t be able to step out. Scented petroleum jelly can also work as its own bait if it’s food scented.
  • Ice cream trap – Try not to use fresh ice cream; use ice cream that’s left over or forgotten in one corner of your fridge. This trap is a bait and trap in one; when the cockroaches dive in, they won’t be able to get out of the sludge.
  • Borax and baking soda trap – Mix borax, sugar, and flour in equal parts along with a little water to create a poisonous dough. Cut off small pieces of your poison cockroach pie and set them in various places in your home. The roaches will eat them, return to their nests, and die from poisoning. If you don’t have borax, baking soda will do, and if you use that you won’t need any flour. When the roaches digest the baking soda, it mixes with their digestive acids and creates a violent outburst of carbon gas, which expands and destroys their internal organs, causing death.

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