DIY Rat Extermination

Rats have lived closely with humans for thousands of years and for one good reason: Humans provide the rodents with food — more often than not, unwillingly. Rats can feed on a diverse array of food, ranging from scraps to leftover food and, yes, even garbage. Learn some DIY rat extermination tips here.

The problem is that the relationship between humans and rodents is grossly one-sided. Humans provide the food while rats give nothing but diseases and destruction.

If you wish to DIY rat extermination, here are a few helpful tips that you should follow.

Find all entry points

All your efforts to get rid of rats from your home will be rendered useless if rats can move in and out of your home freely.

Survey your home and find all possible entry points. That means evaluating your home from the bottom up (or from the top to the bottom). Some of the good places to start would be the roof joints, the chimney, and eaves.

Usually, there are a few signs that you will notice which indicate that rats use a particular area as an entry point. These include gnawed areas, brown stains, and grease.








Seal all entry points

You might be thinking that you can seal the entry points when you have eliminated all the rats from your home. The opposite is better: Seal all entry points before beginning rat extermination.

If you leave these entry points open, other rats can move into your home and you will simply need to repeat all the steps you have previously taken.










Set traps for the rats

There are a few types of traps that you can choose from. However, many experts recommend the classic snap trap. Why?

Snap traps can do the job effectively and quickly. Some may even say that it is humane because it instantly kills the rodents.

To get better results with a snap trap, use peanut butter or bacon grease. Place the traps in areas where the rodents frequently stay.

And to avoid bad odour around your home, you have to constantly check the traps you have set and remove dead bodies.

Clean your home

Your job is not finished when you have eliminated all the rats in your home.

Unknown to many people, rats attract other rodents to your house by releasing pheromones in their urine and gland grease. These pheromones invite more rats to come into your home and these linger long after you have gotten rid of the rats that have infested your property.

Remove rat urine and feces from all areas and use an enzyme-based cleaner to remove the scent left by the rodents.

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