Deterring Rats from Your Home

Rodents are some of the vilest creatures that can make their way into your home. They’re dirty and the bacteria and germs they carry with them can seriously compromise your family’s health. Suffice it to say, if you’re dealing with some in your property — rats, in particular — you need to take control of the situation right away by deterring rats from your home for good! Don’t wait to see signs of damage around your home or for somebody to get seriously ill; get rid of rats immediately.

Pest control professionals have various rat removal methods that you can rely on; in a short amount of time, your home will be free from these disease-carrying rodents. In addition to getting rid of rats, they will likewise provide you helpful strategies that will discourage rats from entering your home.

Rounded up below are 10 of these effective strategies:

  1. Keep your home clean and organised. You want to make sure that nothing is attracting rats into your home. Try using cleaning solutions with scents that rats do not like such as citronella, peppermint, and spearmint. These scents are rather refreshing for humans, but rats and other pests hate them.
  2. Take care of plumbing issues. If you have leaky taps and pipes, have them fixed right away because rats are attracted moisture (just like other pests).
  3. Seal holes inside and outside your home. Make sure the creepy crawlies don’t have easy access into your abode. You can use caulk or steel wool to patch holes in the walls, ceilings, and floors.
  4. Don’t store paper products in your home. Get rid of newspaper and magazine piles because rats like to eat paper and they also use these materials for nesting.
  5. Make sure your rubbish bins (especially those you keep inside the house) have tight-fitting lids to keep the smells in and prevent rats from having access to the rubbish.
  6. Avoid feeding birds. But if you just love their presence in your property, make sure you sweep and throw away the seeds because having those scattered around will surely attract rats and other pests.
  7. Store pet food in tight-fitting lids to prevent pest attraction and access.
  8. If you have a compost heap, make sure that’s properly covered as well. Rats like decomposing things so don’t make it easy for them to get to those.
  9. Get rid of piles of leaves around your home to prevent rats, mice and other rodents from nesting.
  10. Finally, get a cat. Having a predator around will discourage visits from rats.

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