Top 5 Pests to Worry About

Pests come in different sizes and they can be found indoors and outdoors. Regardless of their size and whether you find them inside or outside your home, certain pests can pose a higher level of threat than others. It is therefore essential to know which ones are more harmful and dangerous so that you know how to deal with them better.

Below are the five most common pests to worry about in Australia:

  1. Cockroaches

Fun fact: Queensland is home to the world’s largest cockroach, the giant burrowing cockroach. But this type of bug doesn’t pose any dangers to humans. The types of roaches you have to worry about are the German, American, Australian, and Oriental ones. Cockroaches constantly leave behind traces of their existence which include their saliva, faeces, and parts of their bodies that they shed or that fall off. All of these contain specific proteins or allergens that can cause allergies or trigger asthma symptoms. Roaches also carry pathogens that can cause serious diseases such as typhoid, polio, salmonella, and dysentery.

Roaches are active all year round but their numbers tend to be higher during summer, especially for the larger cockroach species that live outdoors.

  1. Bees and wasps

Bee stings are highly dangerous to those who have allergies to their venom. When they sting, bees leave their stinging barb inside their victim along with a sack of venom. When the barb is detached, the bee dies. Native Australian bees are smaller than the other species that originated from other countries and often don’t sting people.

European wasps are mostly found along the east coast of Australia. They have a particularly long lifecycle in Australia because they thrive under warm temperatures. When angered, their stings are painful but not fatal, unless the person stung is allergic to their venom.

  1. Spiders

Australia is home to thousands of different species of spiders. However, deaths due to spider bites are rare. It does not mask the fact, though, that some of the world’s deadliest spiders can be found here, including the Sydney funnel web and other types of funnel webs (found in NSW and QLD), Redback spiders and mouse spiders, which are found throughout Australia. It is best to have some stock knowledge about the most common types of arachnids found here to know which ones to steer away from.

  1. Rats

Rats will eat anything: leftovers, fruits, and vegetables, furnishings, clothes, papers, and even electrical wires. Aside from their destructive behaviour, they can also cause different kinds of diseases including typhoid, meningitis, and leptospirosis.

  1. Mosquitoes

There are at least 300 types of mosquito found in Australia, some living in the wetlands while others are simply multiplying in the watery areas in the backyard. Aside from simply being natural nuisances, mosquitoes carry and transmit several types of diseases including malaria, dengue, zika, and most recently, the Ross River virus.

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