Venomous Australian Snakes

The great Land Down Under is known all over for its natural beauty, which is why it’s always included in the lists of top travel destinations in the world. It’s also known, however, for being the home of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Well traveled folks always say that if there’s a country that can kill you with its beauty as well as its vast range of endemic animals, it’s got to be Australia. Check out the most venomous Australian snakes below.

If you live in this beautiful country, it’s not going to be uncommon to find wild and dangerous animals on your property. Crocodiles make their way into private pools, giant spiders crawl into people’s homes, and dangerous snakes also find food in thriving gardens.

Speaking of snakes, Western Australia and the Northern Territory are abundant with them. The desert or semi-arid climate of these areas present the best conditions for snakes. Therefore, living here involves some exposure to numerous species of land snakes.

Listed below are the most venomous Australian snakes that can actually slither their way in people’s backyards.

  1. Eastern brown snake – This is found throughout the eastern half of mainland Australia and it’s the second most toxic land snake in the world.
  2. Western brown snake or gwardar – This is mostly found in the south-western Western Australia. Although its venom is not as toxic as its eastern cousin’s, it does, however, release three times more venom in a bite.
  3. Mainland tiger snake – This snake is responsible for the second highest number of bites in Oz and it’s commonly found along the east coast of the country.
  4. Inland taipan – This is usually found in cracks and crevices in dry rocky plains where the Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Northern Territory borders converge. This snake is the most dangerous as its venom is the most potent out of all land snakes in the world.
  5. Coastal taipan – This is endemic to the east coast from northern New South Wales to Brisbane and northern Western Australia. It’s attracted to sugarcane fields. The coastal taipan is pretty frightening to see because it has the longest fangs among land snakes. Plus, it has the third most toxic venom out of all land snakes.

Tiger Snake


Brown Snake







What to Do If You Find Snakes in Your Property

Cases of snakebites are actually rare all around the country. If you have the good sense to leave snakes alone, they’ll leave you alone, too. However, if they’re in your property and you know they’re poisonous, the smartest thing to do is to call a professional snake handler to have them removed.

It’s important to mention as well that these snakes feed on small animals like rats and mice, and even insects. If they end up in your property, it’s likely they have found their food there. This only means that if you don’t want to deal with venomous snakes in your property where your children and pets play, staying on top of pest control is a must.

If you require help with eradicating venomous snakes from your property, call Jim’s Termite and Pest Control on 131 546 or book online today!

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