Pet Safe Pest Control

Pest Control Techniques And Tips That Are Safe For Pets

Once you’ve discovered that you have some kind of pest problem in your home, chances are, you’ll go all out to get rid of them. This means buying some insecticides, traps, and other types of pest control products you will see at the supermarket – be sure to get pet safe pest control.

However, if you have pets at home, you will have to put some thought into the kind of pest control strategy you will implement. This is because not all pest control products and methods are safe for pets.

Below are some pet-friendly tips and strategies for controlling and getting rid of pests in your home:


Having a clean kitchen and bathroom is the best defence against roaches. Most homeowners also instantly reach out for an insecticide if they want to get rid of these bugs. However, bug sprays can be toxic and can present health risks for your pets, especially in their liquid form. As such, never spray insecticides if your pet is in the room. Allow your pet to enter the room only when the insecticide has completely dried or evaporated. You can also choose to use baits or roach traps instead – just make sure to get the non-toxic type.


Black and brown rats are common pest problems across Australia. Using traps to capture rats and mice is a more recommended option today instead of killing them with rodent baits. This is because traps are safer to have around your home, especially if there are pets around. Baits for rodents are some of the most toxic of substances for animals since they function as anticoagulants or blood thinners which cause internal bleeding in creatures. Mammals of all sizes will be affected in the same way by rodent baits and, as such, should be kept out of reach of cats, dogs, and humans. When setting rat traps, place them in an area that rodents frequent, but make sure your pet won’t be able to reach them to avoid accidents.


Bull, honeypot, and red fire ants are annoying bugs to have inside or outside your home. The best way to protect your home and keep ants away is to remove things that attract them. This means not leaving any food particles behind in any room. Also, make sure all food products are stored properly.

Although a bug spray would seem like the easiest way to get rid of ants, again, this can be toxic for your pet. You can make your own spray that is effective and safe for pets by mixing soap and water. You can also place some mint tea bags or dry, crushed mint leaves or cloves near areas where the ants seem most active. Pets won’t eat them but ants hate them.

If your pest problem seems to be getting out of hand, get help from experts who practice pet-friendly and environmentally safe pest control methods and treatments. They use only products that are safe for kids and pets, yet are effective in getting rid of your pest issue.

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