Natural Pest Control

A pest infestation can pose considerable risks to your health and to your property. But before you reach for a can of insect spray or call in pest control professionals, you have to ask yourself: Are you solving your pest problems or are you creating more problems? Try Natural Pest Control methods first.

Although many pest control products can successfully eliminate bugs and critters in and around your home, many of these contain chemicals that are harmful to humans and pets.

Fortunately, there are a few natural pest control methods that can help you keep pests at bay without posing harm to your and your family’s health. Furthermore, most of the items that you will need to handle your pest problem can already be found in your home or garden.

Different facets of a good natural pest control program

The use of natural pest control involves the use of a few approaches.

For starters, you have to prevent the entry of more pests inside your home. That includes the use of physical barriers like flyscreens.

The next thing that you should do is to turn to Mother Nature for help. For example, if you are dealing with a pest infestation in your garden, you can encourage the natural predators of your pests to inhabit your garden. At the same time, you can fortify your plants’ defence against unwanted guests by planting plants that are known to repel some species of insects, like citronella and mint.

An effective natural pest control method also involves eliminating the things that attract pests to your property. For starters, you have to remove the preferred food sources of pests as well

Remove Cockroach Food Sources

as potential breeding grounds.

Another simple yet effective way of dealing with pests naturally is through the use of traps like fly papers and mousetraps.

Finally, an effective natural pest control scheme involves vigilance. Quite simply, you have to be always on guard against the potential onslaught of pests and enforce the necessary action when needed.

Dealing with pests

Homemade Fly Trap

Although ants play an invaluable role in your garden, you would like these insects to stay there. One way to prevent their entry into your home is to sprinkle salt, chili powder, or peppermint around possible entry points.


Apart from being creepy, roaches are known vectors of germs and diseases. Keep these insects away from your home by preventing their entry into your home. Seal possible points of entry using cement or putty. Eliminate possible food sources like food scraps and leftover meals. Bay leaves do a great job of keeping cockroaches away.


Mint – Natural Rat Repellent

Invest in flyscreens for your doors and windows. If a few manage to enter your home, you can simply use a flyswatter. You may also add peppermint to a potpourri mix and place this near doors and windows.


Find possible points of entry and seal these. Deprive these small mammals of potential food sources and keep your home clean. For infestations, consider using mouse traps or place mint in areas these animals frequent.

Mosquito Larvae


Remove stagnant water in and around your property. Installing flyscreens on doors and windows can prevent the entry of these pesky insects into your home. You can complement these with plant-based products like citronella candles. If you have available space, you can keep chickens which feed on these insects or you can simply entice other predators like frogs into your garden.

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