Repairing Termite Damage

Piece of Timber with Termite Damage

It is doesn’t happen often, but it is possible for some termite house damage to be irreparable if the infestation isn’t found and treated early enough.

Signs of activity typically become more visible once a colony reaches maturity. Regular inspections by a licensed termite technician can help home owners detect the symptoms of a termite infestations before the damage becomes extensive and repairs more expensive.

In most cases, termite damage can be repaired. Before commencing repair work though, ensure that all active termite colonies have been controlled by speaking directly with your local termite control professional. You may also decide to use preventative measures to help reduce the chance of reinfestation. If significant structural damage is present, temporary supports should be put in place until repairs are made.

Termite Damage being Repaired in a Wall

Termites can damage several different wood materials in a house; structural beams, 2 x 4 inch studs, wooden floors, ceiling joists, hardwood floors and drywall. The type and cost of the repairs depends on the severity, location and accessibility of the damage.

The two most common methods repairing wood damaged by termites are; removing and replacing the damaged wood and attaching new piece of wood as a support beam.

While both methods have proven effective for structural and non-structural repairs, attaching a new piece of wood to damaged wood often is more cost effective, where it is practicable, however the support method isn’t recommended if the original wood is too compromised or is in a difficult, hard to reach space. In these situations, you will need to replace the damaged wood entirely.

Severely Compromised Support Beam

Wood that provides structural support to the house, such as; support posts, beams, floors, ceiling joists, or wall studs are best left to a licensed contractor to complete the repair work because if the structural repair is not adequate, it can seriously impact the stability and structural integrity of your home possibly causing your roofs, ceilings and floors to collapse.

The wood in sections of floors and baseboards can become fragile after termite damage and typically need to be replaced entirely or will continue to deteriorate from regular use until it is replaced.

You may not need to make repairs if you are fortunate enough to have limited damage in an area that does not impact the soundness of a home, a crawlspace for example. Regardless, to ensure the damage isn’t mistaken for a new termite infestation in the future, your local qualified pest controller should mark the damaged areas and include treatment information on your inspection report.

Temporary Support Beam Added

So how can you get rid of these pests once and for all in order to enjoy a clean and healthy home?

Your best bet is to call a Termite Specialist like Jim’s Pest Control on 131 546 or book online for a free, no-obligation quote.


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