Can Termite Damage Be Fixed?

Can termite damage be fixed? It is rare but quite possible for some termite species to damage a house beyond repair. The most destructive termite in Australia is the Formosan Termite, a type of subterranean termite more commonly found in the southern states and coastal areas. A large termite colony can cause a significant amount of damage to a house in approximately two years, if not controlled appropriately.

Other termite species would take several more years to cause the same level of damage as Formosan termites since other species have much smaller colony sizes. In fact, some dry-wood termite colonies are so small that it would take more than 20 years for them to cause damage so extensive that a house could not be repaired.

It is not common for termites to completely destroy a home before the activity is discovered by a homeowner. Once a termite colony grows to maturity, signs of activity typically become more visible. Periodic inspections by a licensed termite technician can help homeowners detect termite infestations while damage is minimal and repairs are less expensive.

How to Fix Termite Damage

In most cases, termite damage can be repaired, although it is recommended that before making any repairs, you consult with a qualified termite control professional to ensure that all termite activity has ceased. You should also discuss preventative measures, to reduce the chances of re-infestation and temporary supports should be put in place if significant structural damage has occurred, at least until repairs are made.

The two main ways to repair termite damaged wood are:

  • remove and replace the damaged wood with new wood; and
  • attach a new piece of wood to provide support for the damaged wood.

Both methods are effective for structural and non-structural repairs. Attaching a new piece of wood to damaged wood often is more cost effective. The support method may not be the best option if the original wood is too badly damaged, in this situation, you will need to replace the damaged wood completely.

Extensive termite damage can cause roofs, ceilings and floors to collapse and if the structural repair is not adequate, it can seriously impact the stability and structural integrity of your home, therefore it is best to hire a qualified and licensed contractor to complete the repairs.

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