Should I Buy A House That Has Termites?

Looking for TermitesA Pest Controller can only help you make an informed decision by evaluating the extent of the termite damage in your house. They cannot answer this question for you.

In an ideal climate, termites can cause a remarkable amount of damage in as little as six months, although many species of termites form smaller colonies that can take a number of years to cause significant damage.

A home-buyer should not automatically look for a different house at the first signs of termite activity. In termite-prone areas, many homes can display signs of termite activity at some point, the house may have a history of treated infestations but assuming there is very limited termite damage, it may be worth considering.

Should I Buy a House with Termite Damage?

If termite damage or activity is found by a Pest Controller, discuss the extent of the damage, severity of the infestation and whether consulting with a building inspector to determine the structure’s soundness is recommended. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs may be required. Widespread infestations are much more difficult to handle than localized infestations.

These items should definitely be negotiated as a priority in the sales contract, majority of the time, the seller will arrange a termite treatment and repair any damage prior to the transaction closing. It is recommended that both parties consult lawyers to represent their interests in the matter, before the transaction closes. Also, to ensure your investments protection, when the seller arranges a termite treatment, politely request that a trusted company perform the treatment with a transferable guarantee.

A licensed termite control specialist can help you make educated decisions about the impact of activity on your potential house’s value and structural soundness. Do not let termites scare you away from your dream house.

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