Wasps And Termites To Swarm This Summer

Wasps And Termites To Swarm This Summer

The Jim’s Pest Control franchise has reported a major increase in call-outs concerning wasps and termites this summer, Australia wide. 

Jim’s Pest Control Divisional Manager John Paton says, “We have noticed a marked increase particularly in wasps and also termites, wasps love creating nests on our buildings and gardens and can be extremely dangerous particularly to children in summer as they swarm and can sting, termites on the other hand, are harder to spot, but can be causing enormous damage to your property“.

John also said that, “We deal with every pest control situation. Some clients can be quite traumatised by the nasties that they come across but our franchisees have an average of 8 years’ industry experience and can provide unbiased expert advice and implement pest management systems to give safe, reliable and effective treatments every time“.

What to do if you find a wasp nest on your property?

  • Keep Children away.
  • Keep Windows and Doors Closed.
  • Keep sweet and sticky foods stored securely.
  • Keep Garbage secure and locked.


What to do if you think you have termites in your home? Call a professional immediately to avoid any further damage and a really expensive bill.

If you are currently in the middle of a pest invasion, call Jim’s Termite & Pest Control on 131 546 or book online for a free, no-obligation quote. Our friendly staff are fully trained and police checked to ensure you have peace of mind when leaving your valuable home or business in our capable hands.

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