Jim’s Pest Control Fights Pests in Every Australian State

Did you know that Tasmania is currently the only State or Territory in Australia where termites or ‘white ants’ are not a problem?

“However there have been sporadic sightings in less populated and heavily forested areas,” said new Jim’s Pest Control franchisee David Clarke, who has recently taken on the Tasmania North region.

Fortunately, David will be well-equipped to tackle termites if they do become an issue because Jim’s Pest Control has franchisees in every state and territory, explained the group’s National Franchisor John Paton.

“This means that through our national training and the support provided to all franchisees they are able to deal with all types of pest problems no matter where they are,” John said.

John says each region of Australia has particular issues at different times of the year, and this year’s warmer than usual weather in southern states is responsible for increased activity with some pests.

“In Victoria and South Australia termites are unusually active for this time of year and alates have been flying for a couple of weeks now which is a month earlier than usual. Bees are also active which is a month earlier than usual.”

John said there has also been a strong demand for termite eradication in Western Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Queensland.
“On top of that we are finding that rodents are very active in Western Australia, New South Wales , Queensland and Tasmania.

In the Northern Territory it’s cockroaches and bed bugs, whilst fleas are prevalent in New South Wales and Queensland.

“We join a very small number of pest control companies that have a presence in every State and Territory. This makes us the most attractive choice for national deals where a company requires consistent service delivery across all areas of Australia”

“This very important milestone has been achieved in under three years and marks the first Division within the Jim’s Group to achieve it so quickly.


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QLD:  Pest Control BrisbanePest Control Gold CoastPest Control NoosaPest Control Townsville
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ACT: Pest Control Canberra 


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